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The Big Secret

Everyone, at least once in their life, has expressed a wish! The Big Secret is a choreographic project that explores the deep connection between the expression of wishes and our physical and emotional impulses. 

coming soon...



SCREENS - A Portrait of a Busy Mind

It is a performance installation that expresses the individual attempt to become an efficient and productive body, driven by the need for accomplishment and the desire to multiply.


Watch Me Move 
A solo for Harriet Batty

“Have you ever heard of internal and external freedom? What is freedom for you? "  Feel free to join me or you can also just watch me move…

Pawn of his Own n2- Photo by Ingolf Gernot Hoehn.jpg


Pawn of his Own 

Suppose that you are a member of a collective group.

What tactics would you use to remain in your place? 



De Vissersvrouwen

De Vissersvrouwen (The Women of the Fishermen) is the result of an inspiration overcome by a photograph. Three female figures, posing, is the beginning and the end of a long wait. This wait sees the likely return of their men from the nefarious sea...




From the Latin, the word Aves was used to describe a class of vertebrates comprising the birds.Two moving creatures forced to live in one body, a short duet on the spot and through the space danced inside a big and soft-colored skirt...



A doll in a black tutu, moving quickly with arms expressing a mix of emotions like confusion, frustration, and a desire to break free from traditional norms. It's an accurate dance set to the music of Arcangelo Corelli's Follia

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