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Watch Me Move

 A solo for Harriet Batty


“Have you ever heard of internal and external freedom? What is freedom for you? ". Feel free to join me or you can also just watch me move…


“Watch Me Move” is a short solo as well as the result of a collaboration with Harriet Batty in MOVE, an idea of a project for youths directed and elaborated by Christian From and Holstebro Dansekompagni during spring 2020.


One of the main points of MOVE is giving young students a basic understanding of the principals of none violent rebellion trough giving them a brief insight into the history of rebellion within also short dance creations.

Watch Me Move, approaches the idea of being a rebel in a combination of body and movements leaving traces into the present of a specific moment. The audience around is part of a constant sharing of a journey made of patterns, rhythms and iconic gestures from historical rebellions.


Music: The Challengers

Choreographer: Marco Rizzi

Dancer: Harriet Batty

Length: 4 minutes

Special thanks to Holstebro Dansekompagni, David Nigro and Paulina Šmatláková.

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