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2 dancers

Live Music: Marien Okkerse

Costumes: Codarts

Dancers: Marco Rizzi, Francesca Ciaffoni

Danced for the 24 Huur Cultuur Rotterdam 2013

Photos by Alessandra Mazza




From the Latin, the word Aves was used to describe a class of vertebrates comprising the birds.

Like two birds, Aves is a short duet that shows two moving creatures forced to live in one body dancing on the spot and through the space inside a big and soft colored skirt...

The limited space in between brings the two dancers to interweave their arms in different ways. Arms that look like wings!  

A dance with lots of pulling, throwing and carrying happening while both creatures try to find the way to escape and to get detached without losing the beauty of their wings.


Created, in 2013,  especially for the 24 Huur Cultuur Rotterdam and performed in locations like cafes, shops, and open doors, “Aves” has been performed with live music by the musician/composer Marien Okkerse.

The music was improvised and parts of the dance were also improvised and adapted to the sites in terms of time and space.







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