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Performance: Cecilia Castellari

Choreographer: Marco Rizzi 

Music: Pluto Tideswell

Length: 23:00 minutes


A Portrait of a Busy Mind



It is a performance installation that expresses the individual attempt to become an efficient and productive body, driven by the need for accomplishment and the desire to multiply.

The performer presents a journey, shaped through mind and body memory, that reflects on how our bodies are attached to the use of touchscreens.


SCREENS - A Portrait of a Busy Mind was created and developed at POOL - Raum für Kultur in St.Gallen (CH) and at Tanz & Kunst Königsfelden in Baden (CH) during their residency programs and it is designed to be presented in diverse locations and situations.


With this creation, aimed at an audience of 14 years and older, we hope to raise awareness of both multitasking and the use of touchscreens reflecting on our habits.


14 Dicember 2021, ThiK Theater im Kornhaus - Baden (CH) **Showcase during Residenzzentrum tanz+**

21 Dicember 2021, Premiere at Uferstudios in collaboration with LUNA PARK e.V. - Berlin

22 Dicember 2021, Uferstudios in collaboration with LUNA PARK e.V. - Berlin 

31 July 2023, Sommerwerft Theaterfestival am Fluss, Frankfurt

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